My Reflection On Teaching And Learning Essay examples

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Before I started my PGCE course I had a lot of preconceived areas of what I believed effective teaching and learning to look like. My induction phase has given me a good basis in order to now develop as a professional over the period of this course. I am able to draw on that I have learned in university, my observations and my experience of teaching up to this point. The two weeks I have spent at my Block A school has given me a wide variety practical experience in just a short space of time. On reflection, I now feel my personal opinion on how teaching and learning can be effective has immensely, now having a good grasp of what effective teaching and learning look like and some of the skills to implement it in the classroom.

As you can see within the three assignments previously, I have actively engaged in observations and individual subject pedagogy reading to further my understanding of what effective teaching and learning are. My observations of good teaching practice were absolutely crucial in understanding what makes effective teaching learning. Critically, when looking at my lesson observations throughout the week, I have identified four key areas that I believe further develops my understanding of effective teaching and learning. The first in your responsibility as an effective teacher is to create and maintain a suitable learning environment for all learners of which, from my observations, I have attempted to categorize it into the physical space and the lesson…

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