My Reflection On South Africa Essay

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I think it is best to start my reflection by observing the expectations I had for South Africa and its people (culture), prior to traveling-to and experiencing South Africa.
When I was asked the question, why I would like to participate in spring tour (South Africa) and what I expect, back in October of 2015, I wrote a simple answer: I hope to be perplexed by south African culture and I expect my trip to South Africa to be filled with discomfort and moments of confusion. I thought South African culture, ambitions, and aspirations would be distinctly (mind-numbingly) different from that of the US. I imagined South Africa would be a trip down the heart of darkness and my experience would be outlined by a perplexity of South African things. In fact, I likened my expectations to a moment where a friend told me communism was a beacon of hope.
To my surprise, I was not greatly confused and my ideologies were not rocked to the core. If anything, I was amazed: (1) South Africa is remarkably similar to the United States in terms of its culture, infrastructure and ideals. And (2) I hold prejudice and false preconceptions of what an African county could and, or, should be.
I came to this realization by observing, (a) there is a clear and present dialogue about the present and future political economy of SA, and (b) people all across sub-Saharan Africa come to South Africa for opportunity and a chance to succeed.

Most people that we spoke with had clear and developed views on the…

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