My Reflection On My Voice Essay

888 Words Mar 13th, 2016 4 Pages
My voice has always been a powerful part of my existence. I can shout when my soul has been shattered by wrong doers. My opinions have never been stifled by fear of hearing myself stand upon my convictions. I’m not shy, reserved, nor is my back adorned with a “welcome mat” to be walked upon. The very fiber of my being disregards feminist that have struggled for me to be heard. I choose my voice to be silenced. Unfortunately, embedded in my heart is a missed opportunity to educate an ignorant waitress with my voice. My silence was unknowingly a breeding ground and acceptance for intolerance. Ron (my husband) and I are sitting in a restaurant conversing over the day’s events. While I’m glancing down at my menu trying to decide what to order the chaos around me invades my serenity. I can hear nasally laughter in the booth behind me, a baby crying on the other side of the restaurant, and a waitress complaining about her shift. My husband sits there oblivious to all of my distractions. I would like nothing more than to scold the waitress, “I’m not paying for substandard food to hear you bitching. Pull up your big girls panties and get back to work!” I resist the urges to vocally express my annoyance. I continue to sit, smile, and talk with my husband. A brown-haired pencil thin woman walks over to our table. I chuckle at her likeness to a version of Olive Oyl that had spent years on hard liquor and a red light on her porch. “What can I get ya’ll to drink.” I get Ron’s…

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