My Reflection On My Sophomore Year Essay

1207 Words Sep 4th, 2015 null Page
All it took was three days. Three days for my view on life, the way I live, and how I view others to change. Towards the middle of my sophomore year I received an email from my guidance counselor asking me if I wanted to attend the HOBY seminar during the summer. Only one student from the high school was chosen to go, and I was honored to have been that one. HOBY stands for the Hugh O’ Brian Youth Leadership Seminar. 200-300 teens entering their junior year of high school from the Mid Florida region were invited to attend. June 12th, 2014, my mom and I headed out to Eckerd College in St. Petersburg and dropped me off at HOBY. It poured the whole way there but that didn 't stop the staff who continued to greet us the whole time. We checked in and my mom helped me up to the dorm that I stayed in. I got all situated and then headed back down to the lobby and said my goodbyes. From there all the ambassadors, which was what the participants were called, headed into the main room, hanging out waiting for everyone to get there. Of course there were ice breakers and music trying to let everyone loosen up a bit. The whole theme for Friday night was an ‘ice breaker’ theme. We were split up into about 13 groups with about 8-10 people in each group. I was assigned to the ballon group. I knew absolutely no one in my group which frightened me a bit because I’m not the most outgoing person. I heard stories about what HOBY was like, but I never thought that it would become so…

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