Essay on My Reflection On My Life

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After 14 years in Jewish day school, I am poised to leave this sanctuary and

venture out into a wide world. Next year will be the first time I will attend a secular

school. On the eve of this departure, then, I ask myself, who am I? What kind of Jew

am I right now, at this point in time? Where do I see myself in five years? Truthfully,

there is an ongoing conflict in my mind between my secular self and my spiritual

Judaic self. It is not that I feel I must prioritize one over the other; rather, I find

myself asking how these two spheres in my life can conjoin. The last twelve years

have been a journey, both physically and metaphorically, and I know I am a very

different person today than when I initially entered Soloman Schechter High School.

It is important to evaluate myself as I leave my home and friends in order to go forth

confidently and securely.

For me, being Jewish means possessing a solid identity, bound by laws,

customs, traditions, and yes, food. While I can attest that following all 613 mitzvot is

still a goal of mine, the truth is that the presence of these laws, whether I follow

them or not, is important. The fact that I can open the Mishnah Torah to try and

explore answers to a question is extremely gratifying. Part of my Jewish identity,

then, is an awareness that Torah law is accessible, even to a novice scholar like

myself. This provides a very secure foundation for my identity as a Jew. Moreover,

these laws deal with practically every…

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