Essay on My Reflection On My Learning Journey

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My Learning Journey.
Throughout this assignment, I will discuss; My story, support roles in primary schools, key theories, and concepts about learning and my study plan. All names of both staff, children and the school have been changed to maintain confidentiality and anonymity (BERA, 2011) My Story
I have always wanted to be a teacher so after leaving school I started an apprenticeship as a teaching assistant in an infant school and this made my mind up that I wanted to be a primary school teacher, before taking on this role I was interested in teaching Physical Education in a secondary school. I made the decision to change my career to primary education because I enjoy the broad range of subjects and being able to make a difference in each child 's life. I also enjoy learning new things daily and passing this knowledge to others. After completing my apprenticeship I stayed on at the school for another year, I started working one to one with a child with special educational needs and working with children with English as an additional language. Due to funding cuts, I had to find a new job. I now work in a special needs school as a teaching assistant with children aged 0-19 and work on my initiative and plan my own activities. I believe by studying my Teaching assistant qualification on the job, I have learned a lot from my colleagues and learned a lot from the SENCO which has inspired me to work purely with children with special educational needs. It has also…

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