Essay About My Writing Journey

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It has been a couple months since writing my last cover letter. It is time for me to reflect on my growth as a writer. Do I feel more like a writer than I had felt before? Yes and no. I definitely do not feel like I can call myself a writer. However, I do feel like my writing abilities have progressed. Through my English Composition journey, I felt like my eyes were opened to how much I struggle with writing. Despite the hardships that I have encountered when writing, I have also seen some improvement in the areas that English Composition covers. I have learned that there are six main objectives that must be fulfilled during the writing process in order to have a sufficient essay. One of the very first objectives of writing an exceptional essay is to write a complex thesis. When it comes to writing a complex thesis, I think that I have progressed since the midterm. I know what a complex thesis should look like, but …show more content…
After getting feedback on my papers, I started to realize all of the habits that I had. The first thing I learned was that I lacked sentence variety. It was difficult for me to variate my sentences. Secondly, I realized that I had not even attempted to add transitions to my essays. To variate my sentences, I just rearranged sentence structures. It was as if transition words did not exist. When looking at some of my essays in the past, there would not be a transition word in site. This is why revision after receiving feedback was so important. I could apply suggestions from someone who had not read my paper before. This is an advantage because revision really makes me all sorts of confused. Revision requires reading my own words over and over. It all starts to run together, and then it starts to sound like gibberish. It makes me feel unintelligent and low functioning. With more practice revision might be a smoother process, but for now, thank goodness for

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