My Reflection On My Assessment Essay

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I do agree with the outcomes of this assessment. My assessment shows that I am able to learn in any of these ways. This to me means that I am capable of adjusting to the way I am being taught no matter how I am being taught. However, while I am able to utilize all four styles of teaching I had the highest score in “Doing” and “Thinking”. This means that I tend to ask more “how” and “what” questions rather than anything else. I am more of a logical person and tend to like things to be clearly stated and written or even hands on. So I do think that this assessment is rather accurate.

I never really knew the term for how I learned. I would always just describe the way that I learn and comprehend things to people instead. So when ever asked I would say that the way I learn best is by reading the material. I have to read the whole, page, chapter, and or book to fully understand the topic. I can sit in class every day and listen to a teacher drone on and on about what we are learning for that day and it never compute. I don’t hear it like I should I end up missing sentences and sometimes I even fall asleep. But, when I have a book that I can read from I tend to remember most of what I read fairly well. It isn’t perfect mind you but, it is usually accurate. However, this only works if I really read what I need to. If I just skim through the chapter or page then I only remember the gist of what I was reading instead of the actually words written. I also learn well when I can do…

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