My Reflection On Listening Skills Essay

1661 Words Jun 28th, 2016 null Page
Listening is a skill that is not regularly taught in schools. Therefore, I found that analyzing my listening skills taught me a lot about myself that I did not know before. I kept track of my self-talk and inner voice, did a seven day mental review, did the HURIER listening profile, and assessed how I listened in different social situations and listening contexts and what listening contexts I experienced the most. I also learned about my strengths as a listener being understanding and interpreting. My weaknesses were hearing and remembering. Additionally, I created some listening goals that I would like to accomplish this term.
During the seven day mental review, I made some interesting revelations about myself relating to listening skills. I noted my self-talk for several days and found that there were extreme amounts of negativity in it. The type of self-talk that I observed is a specialized form of self-talk that is “a stream of internal conversation with ourselves” (Brownell 109). I reflected a lot on how I could have made a conversation better, like “Oh, I shouldn’t have said that, he obviously thinks I am way too judgmental now”. Either I talk to myself about what I am going to do or what already happened. I also found that I had more positive thoughts in the morning. If I felt like I did not accomplish much during the day my thoughts became increasingly negative. In stressful situations, I found that I very rarely had positive thoughts before or after the…

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