Essay My Reflection On High School

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My Reflection Paper Ever since I got out of high school I haven’t felt the need to get back into the gym, until I over exerted myself easily. I’m glad that I took this class it gave me a reason to start back up. Fitness is important in life it makes you feel better, more energized, and most importantly healthier. With that said I never made the attempt to get back to physically fit. I would use the excuse that “I don’t have the time” or that “I was too tired.” For this class we set goals that we wanted to accomplish, I wanted to improve my overall muscular endurance and flexibility, to bring back more definition and tone to my body, and to run 2 miles in under 10 minutes. Throughout the class I made small accomplishments with my flexibility. It became a little easier to touch my toes standing up. I worked on my side stretches, lunges, inner thigh stretch, and squats. My other accomplishment was improving my max weight with one rep. within my six week time in this class I nearly double my max reps for each of the machines I focused on; Pull-down, leg extensor, and leg press. Also I went from using the assist for the chin up and dip assist, to not needing the assist at all. My biggest accomplishment, and my main goal, was running 2 miles in under 10 minutes. In which I accomplished, I ran 2 miles in 9 minutes and 42.6 seconds. I faced few challenges in this class, mainly motivation and finding the time to exercise. Motivation is a big thing for me; it is why I never really…

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