My Reflection On A Nurse At The Pre Operative Checks On Admission Unit, Anaesthetic And Surgery

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My reflection focuses on the role I took as an ODP student at the pre-operative checks on admission unit, anaesthetic and surgery in the general theatre. For purposes of completing this assignment, I will refer to the patient that journeyed to the theatre for lobectomy thorascospic (a surgical procedureto remove one of the lobes of the lungs to check for any disease) operations as Mrs. A for the purpose of confidentiality. The reflection is presented based on Gibb 's Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988). The reflective cycle comprises of five stages and these include the description, the feelings, the evaluation, conclusions, and the action. Under the description, the paper will focus on information as it relates to my experience as a student ODP in a general theatre. The information under this section will encompass how I interacted with other healthcare practitioner and the patients that I cared for in this capacity. The second section focuses on feeling , I will focus on how I felt after working with other healthcare practitioners in the general theatre and the hospital environment in general, most important in this section will be the description of what I felt I learned from the engagement. The third section focuses on the evaluation of the entire engagement. I will link the evaluation to theoretical frameworks in healthcare and how they applied to the situation at the general theatre. The fourth section will be conclude the entire reflection process. Under this section,…

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