Flash Fiction: A Personal Journal Analysis

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Fiction I has been one of my favorite classes that I have taken at ARGS, so far. Though the countless writer’s block filled nights spent wanting to jump through a window and the excessive amount of money I have spent on tea/coffee this year, I would still do it over and over again, every time. I valued getting able to focus on my weaknesses as a writer in this cass. I also valued all the time we had discussing writing, books, and current events. Most of my favorite conversations from this year have all been from this class. I am sad that it is over, but I am also excited to write independently over the summer.

Fiction I has given me many opportunities that I didn’t think I would have otherwise. It has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and to write even if I thought it wouldn’t be a “good” piece. I never thought in a million years I’d ever be able to write a story that was longer than five pages. So, it feels good knowing I have surpassed that number many times. I feel I have improved a lot. In no way would I say I am amazing and
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I really enjoyed writing flash fiction mostly because it was a new challenge to convey an idea in such a little space. For me, the process reminded me of how I write poems. I am inspired, get an idea, and am able to start and finish the draft in one sitting. When I wrote flash fiction I had to change my fiction writing mind-set because for one thing, flash is much shorter. Flash fiction makes you think more because you have to fit in so much without saying all of it directly. I also think flash has a more poetic feel to it then normal fiction, which I really enjoyed. Overall I really I loved writing flash fiction. I loved the poetic vibe it had and also the challenge of writing a new type of fiction. I think it really helped me break the pattern I was writing in. It help to generate new ideas in my head and allowed for me to draw inspiration from new

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