Personal Development Of Gender Roles

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The personal growth may be very important to me. People often ask me what I want to be when I grow up. Doctor, family, and respectful are said to have influenced my views concerning the role I am to play in society. I then measure how my role differs from my experiences of becoming what I want to be. My understanding of my sociology class has affected my ability to learn about gender and sexuality. Sexism is the belief that some people are less human than others on the basis of gender. My knowledge of sexism offers a better setting for me to see that culture and values of a society are developed. My knowledge and education opened my door of opportunity as an individual to understand better men and women’s lives. Education is a part of my past, …show more content…
I told Anna a few weeks ago that gender roles are the parts that the society gives to men and women based on their gender. The society where in which Anna and I live plays a stereotypical gender role through our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. The development of gender roles tends to start as early as childhood or from the moment of birth. When babies are born, boys wear blue and girls wear pink. Anna had a baby boy a few years ago and I told her green should suit him better than blue, but she did not agree with me. She said the color a person is wearing defines her/his gender role because our heavenly father created that. Anna believes that the men should make the most money, as well as raising his children. I asked her why men cannot cry if they want to show their emotions to children, even though she still believes that both parents can make an influence, but men should do it better than women. Men do not have to cry to show their emotions; rather, they are meant to be strong and supportive. The culture still sends messages that strong men do not cry, hence, many parents raise their sons to cry privately, if at all. I remember watching The Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson more than five times, and it was nearly impossible for me not to cry. Anna and I …show more content…
I displayed the difficulty of a female stereotype blend with a male stereotype. I merely expressed that gender roles are far more a part of our society when it comes to parenting. The practice of parenthood may not be so much for women cannot do as much as men; the freedom from being understood they may want to do. Anna and I had been through our childhood with gender analysis is a good example based on how people in society use God’s creation for both men and women. I simply argued repeatedly that gender roles do not always make men superior or inferior, they could challenge towards other women some of the gender stereotypes and still be considered a man. Gender roles have been the pressure of society since the existence of men; simply, the presence of a man is to be strong so that he can more successful than a woman. Gender roles are learned mostly through daily lives rather than biologically. The society influences children only to play with certain toys that are meant for their gender. The gender interpretation gave me some understanding of the differences between women and men. From what I have seen, gender terms are more regarding with the assumption to only something unchanging over time, which it could interrupt the gendered results. The central importance of my

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