My Reflection Of Mission Command Essay

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My Reflection of Mission Command
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate what I learned about mission command and reflect on how I will use the philosophy and concepts of mission command in my future duty assignment following graduation from the Sergeants Major Course. Although mission command is commander centric, noncommissioned officers (NCO’s) play a dynamic role in facilitating it. To facilitate mission command within my organization, I must first support and complement the commander’s authority and direction in exercising mission command. Next, I must ensure the Soldiers in my organization understand mission command and their role in enabling mission command. By supplementing the commander in their execution of and mentoring Soldiers on the philosophy and concepts of mission command, I can successfully facilitate it within my organization.
Mission Command Philosophy
As I reflect back on mission command as a whole, I now understand it begins with unified land operations that are executed through decisive action, by means of the Army’s core competencies, and is guided by mission command. It also takes into account that the nature of military operations are centered on Soldiers who are tasked with conducting operations in difficult and uncertain conditions that seem to constantly change. To account for this, the Army exercises mission command and it starts with the Army’s approach to mission command.
The Army’s approach to mission command focuses on the “what”…

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