My Reflection Of English: My Passion For English

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I was seventeen when I recognized that English was my favorite class. I realized five years later that I might have made a huge mistake by pursuing English just because “it was my favorite class in high school.” I realized I didn’t make a mistake because I’m extremely happy with where I am now because I chose to pursue my passion.
I recognized English was my favorite class during my first AP class. This wasn’t because I was smug for being in an upper division class. Rather, it was my teacher that encouraged me to embrace my strong personality and have it show in my writing. To paint a clear example, I was assigned an Outside Reading Book assignment where I had to pick a book from a specified book list. I blindly picked “The Mambo Kings
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Did I really want to be miserable for the rest of my life? I would hate reading for a living. That sounds incredibly banal. I’m positive I would hate writing for a living. The stress of deadlines and forced creativity would be too much to handle. Despite all this, I realized my degree shaped who I am because I found out a lot about myself through this experience.
I painstakingly knew what I hate. But what about what I love? I found something really important about myself asking myself this question: My passion for English stems from my appreciation for the humanities. Through studying the humanities, I’m able to understand history, the world, and most importantly, myself. But how can I use this understanding to influence my career? By influencing other people to broaden their minds through humanities in the same way it shaped me. Duh.
I am in my fourth year into my career as a high school English teacher. I no longer have that empty feeling of not pursuing my passion to its fullest. I recognize that I am a lifelong learner and being a teacher allows me to continually learn from my students as much as they learn from me. I encourage them to build an identity for themselves because without identity, we are nothing. Identity, to me, means a self-acknowledgement of why you are they way that you are. Though my identity continues to change as I mature, I constantly reflect on who I am and what is important to me

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