My Reflection Of A Technical Writing Class

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Hello class, Ed Gossett here and it is a pleasure to meet you. Regarding this Technical Writing class, I feel I am most familiar with the research, and design aspect from personal and past work experience. I have some understanding of presentation for stakeholders, and ethics. I have been looking forward to this class and looking forward to enhancing my skills. I am very analytical, organized and have enjoyed my technical writing experiences so far, such as creating manuals. Would really enjoy having the opportunity of landing a few technical writing consulting projects, but it has been hard breaking into that field without the degree, or enough experience, additionally I do not know how to estimate the time for the project.
I am working
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I recently started a Business Management & Consulting firm a few weeks ago.
Examples of technical writing:
Below are some example of technical writing in my life. There is no order of importance, as they are all beneficial to me. For me technical writing has to be clear in it directives, photo or diagram as necessary, use common industry abbreviations, and provide troubleshooting section.
End user documents for software: Recently purchased software for my business, which included a technical Quick Start Guide walking the user through the various installation methods depending on the operating system for a fresh install or install instructions for upgraders of existing users, once installed, how to register the software, how to update the software, 10-minute quick setup/startup to setup the program, where to go for additional documentation, manuals, online support, or contact for assistance.
Technical Publications: I have various interest in automation and technology, business, lean management, business law, and several times during the month I would read a White Paper relating to a new technology to help a specific industry or task, or I my enjoy reading a law review from the Delaware law association regarding a business case, and how the law was applied or
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The Drilling Program gave the drilling operator the how to of the project, with the lingo that they are accustom to such as MIRI (Move In Rig UP), TIH (Tip In Hole), POOH (Pull Out of Hole), BOP (Blow Out Preventer), MO (Move Out). Other information in the manual included the specifications of the material, and substitute options, and what to do with various issues if the chemicals or issues with the hole. Which typically ranged from 50 to 70 pages, which was small in comparison to the other manuals which I use to write for the

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