Personal Narrative: My Internship Experience

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When I started the process for the Internship at Buffalo Wild Wings, I set up different goals for myself that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the Internship in each department that I worked during the Internship. In the Kitchen Department, I was able to learn the proper procedure for creating each dish by shadowing the cooks and Kitchen Manager. I was able to meet this goal by shadowing Wing Certificate Trainer (WCT) and the Kitchen Manager, not only did I learn the dishes by shadowing WCT and Managers, but also by teaming up with the kitchen staff during high volume and cooking the dishes myself.. Another goal that I was able to accomplish during the Internship was to learn the opening and closing procedure for closing the kitchen by …show more content…
Another goal that I was able to accomplish was learning the daily task for opening and closing the Dining Room, I accomplish this by following the Manager on Duty during Closing and Opening and by following the staff while they completed their opening and closing tasks. I was also able to understand the different responsibilities and duties between servers, greeters and cashiers. I learned the differences between these positions by shadowing the staff and helping in some of their tasks.
Bar Management
My objective of learning the different Drinks and Beers offered at Buffalo Wild Wings was accomplished by shadowing the Bartender and by helping pour beers and making drinks. I was also able to learn the different responsibilities that the Bartender has. I learned this by teaming with the Bartender and learning the different task that are done during opening, mid, and grave shifts. One of the goals that I wanted to accomplish during my time at the Bar was learning about the Captain position. I wasn’t able to accomplish this because the Captain position was removed a few months ago.
I would rate my learning experience from this internship a 10 out of 10, I rate it this high because I was able to accomplish most of the objectives that I wanted to accomplish, but also because every manager at m internship restaurant was always coaching me and helping me improve as a

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