My Reflection And How I Changed My Life

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This is a reflection on my writing capabilities and the processes I have gone through to get to where I am with my grammar and writing. In this portfolio there are four papers and four smarthinking reports on them. There are two papers from English 111 and two from
English 112. To start off the first report is about my narrative paper titled “A Changed Heart”.
Theresa K. was the person who edited the narrative. She had me work on my thesis, content development, organization, grammar, and mechanics. She liked how the paper conveyed my feelings on the subject and that it kept her interested. The paper itself is about when I went to El
Salvador and how it changed my life. The purpose of the narrative was to tell a story about ourselves and make
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The paper has imbedded quotes inside the paper so that it is easier to read and understand it. There are also things in this paper that I see now that I could have fixed, but I am very proud of how it turned out. Both the narrative paper and the expository paper were written in English 111. The next two papers were written during English 112. The third report was an argumentative paper, which Ann F. edited. The argumentative paper was about cheerleading and performance-enhancing drugs. Ann had me work on the main idea of the paper, introduction, conclusion, and my transitions. She sais that my biggest strength in the paper was giving a description of what cheerleaders have to do when it comes to routines and their ability to done those things as athletes. The purpose of this paper was to argue our point on something without saying it’s what we believe or how we feel about something. There are many different viewpoints in the paper talking about either side of the arguments, but the side that I would personally take is talked about more in depth and more often. I was proud of this …show more content…
The last report is about a literary analysis paper. Tejaswini P. edited the paper, and the topic of the paper was
Hamlet. We were supposed to find something about the Shakespearian novel that we could argue and give supporting facts to back that claim up. I talked about revenge in Hamlet. I was told that my main strength for the paper was that I stayed in chronological order, which would help the reader understand the topic of the paper, and of the story itself assuming the reader had not read the novel. For this paper I had to work on my thesis, content development, grammar, mechanics, and transitions. The purpose of this paper was to take a piece of literature and analyze what the story is trying to tell you. For this paper I believe that I did a fairly well job on it, but again there are always things that can be fixed. Through out the year I can see that my strengths grow, but I still have my weaknesses. The main thing that I still have to work on and try to perfect is my thesis statements and making them come across more clearly. I enjoyed this class very much and am very grateful for everything it taught me. I will continue to work on my weaknesses and try to make my strengths even

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