Personal Narrative: My Decision To Go Back To College

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Deciding to go to college is one of the biggest decision one could make. I wanted to start college because I wanted to make my family and myself proud. I also, wanted have a better career that would be more stable than the job I have now. Another reason that motivated me to go to college was for my future family. There are three other motivations that will keep me going in school do that I can graduate; one of those is the support I have from my family and friends. I am also motivated by my current job and the lastly I am motivated by not wanting to be a failure. To be motivated throughout my coursework I plan on having daily schedule so I can plan out day and not become overwhelmed. I have a long journey in front me I want to do my best so I can be successful in life with these motivations I should be able to graduate from Southern New Hampshire University and have the life I always wanted. …show more content…
I wanted to go back to college because I wanted to make my family and myself proud. When I dropped out from my previous college I was so disappointed with myself I knew that my family was too; everyone wanted the best for me and I knew that I had to have a higher education to be successful in life. I also wanted to go back to college because I wanted a better career; I know that I do not want to work in retail for the rest of my life therefore going to college will give me the degree that I need to get a job that I would love and be in a stable job. The last motivation I had to go back to school was for my future family. When I have a family I want to be able to provide it with everything they need and what they might want. I do not want to be living paycheck to paycheck or have to rely on the government for help. I feel that it would be disappointing my parents if I do since that is something they did not want for themselves and

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