Essay on My Real Story On Changing My Job Luck

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There is an upside to lazy job advice. I came to realize that, after the fact. I would go far as to say that I would not have believed it until it happened to me as an underdog. Here is my real story on changing my job luck.

First the Context

Recently, I was streaming through updates on LinkedIn. I came across photograph- interviewers seated across candidates. The interviewers were facing the camera and only the back shot of the candidate was visible. The caption read, “We are looking for a 22 to 24 year old.” That did not sound right, intrigued, I scrolled below. The line at the bottom made me chuckle, “with 30 years of experience.” Exaggerated for effect, and a point well made. The jobs we aspire and the experience we have may not mesh out. That triggered my memory on my own job story.

A Geek heading Sales for Texas: An underdog to increased odds!

The year was 2011. I wanted to gain exposure on sales and marketing. I had one big challenge — I had zilch sales experience. The best way to summarize my resume [until then]— pure analytical play. A stereotypical geek looking for an adventure in sales and marketing.

I saw a job opening for head of sales for Texas region. I had networked with the national head of sales before then (my pre-networking experience here). I reached out to him. He promised only one thing — a seat at the table for an interview. After that, he made it clear that it all depended on how I fared with the veteran sales interview panelist.


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