My Purpose Of Purpose

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Purpose, a word with many different meanings and definitions. The Dictionary definition of purpose is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. That definition is very broad but also at the same time narrow. As is can be said that everyone is different in a certain way, the way I define purpose is also different. Purpose to me means looking into the outcome of an act and achieving a goal in the long run. For example, if I run two miles today then my purpose is to live a healthier life for the on coming days. My purpose in school is to obtain a degree that makes me happy and also helps me live a happy and prosperous life. My purpose for a career is to find a job that pays well and makes me feel respected. My overall purpose is to be successful in life. I want to give my kids a happy life so they do not have to worry about having to cut back or provide for themselves. To do well in school gives me a purpose to have a great lifestyle for my life.
Values in life are important. Values help you keep yourself on the right path and prohibit you from straying away from your goals. According to the values assessment test, my top three values are Achievement, Relationship and Recognition. In my purpose
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My plan to reaching success all starts with me and my actions. In school I must strive for good grades so it will help me become a well-respected and knowledgeable physician. After obtaining my A.A, I will then transfer to a four year university where I will obtain a bachelors in biology. After four intensive years I will then transfer to a medical school and receive my training to become a physician. My goals for a career are very simple; pay well and well respected. If I follow my plan and I utilize all my values and my strengths and also help my interests build on top of those, then I will obtain my masters in medicine and overall reach my main purpose of having a successful

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