My Project For Fitness School Essay

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Fitness My project for this semester was to work out every day and being as healthy as I can. In order for a person to increase their fitness they most eat healthy, exercise on a regular basis, and rest. To accomplish my personal project I had to do those three things and I had to be consistent with it wasn 't a one time thing I had to do them every day. By doing them every day they became a habit and after 21 days I was doing them without even trying. To exercise in a regular basis basis some people need to take some fitness classes to help them be consistent. “A class atmosphere creates a sense of social support and accountability so we’re more likely to stick to our exercise commitments.”(back to fitness school). This quote says the going to a class creates a sense of accountability in a person and that way they 'll be consistent. “ If you’re at a facility that doesn’t have the right programs, the right atmosphere, and the right services, you’re just not going to stick with it,”(weigh your fitness options). If the person doesn 't like the gym where they go then they won 't stick with their fitness class. The article “Back to Fitness School” gives a lot of good tips for people who want to increase their fitness level. In the article they suggests several exercise classes that are opening in gyms across Canada in the fall of 2016. Topics include the health benefits of body weight training or calisthenics, the nutrients needed after performing sand workouts, and the…

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