Essay on My Primary Source Of Audio Equipment And Instruments

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I chose this company as it’s my primary source of audio equipment and instruments. Aside from having very reasonable prices each product comes with a 30 day cash back guarantee and a three year warranty. There are also bundle deals for gear which are incredibly price efficient
Thomann is a private limited company operating in the private sector as a private organisation which specialises in music retail. Being a private limited company it holds limited liability. Initially founded by Hans Thomann senior in 1954 (62 years ago), the company started out as a small family run store in Thomann’s home village of Burgebrach, Bavaria, Germany. Fascinatingly the music giant’s headquarters are still situated there to this day and is still family owned, the head of the company now being Hans Thomann junior.
To date Thomann employs 1280 employees and serves an astounding 8 million customers all around the world despite still being an independent family owned business. In 2013 Thomann turned over €525 million in revenue. Thomann is one of the largest music retailers in the world which provides instruments equipment and music paraphernalia such as guitars and basses, Drums and percussion, Keys, pianos, synthesizers, studio/recording equipment, PA systems, DJ equipment, microphones, signal processors, wind instruments, sheet music, books, CD’s and much more.
In the words of the Managing Director:
“Selling the best products at the best price, that 's our goal, and to satisfy our customers…

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