My Primary Mode Of Teaching

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Introduction Education is a window to new ideas. By teaching, one is able to show a new generation that window. Unfortunately, not everything could be taught in a school but it should be attempted, nonetheless. As a teacher, I plan to show my students that wonder of education that I felt while I was in school. Because my teaching field will be secondary English, I plan teaching English and also how it interconnect with everything else, not only in school but in my students’ daily lives. I want my students to be inspired to learn then understand why they are learning what they are learning. Too many students lose their curiosity and love of learning due to being forced to learn a topic without knowing why. I believe my students should at least be taught something that will be of value to them later on in life, and not just on a test.
What should be taught and why? As a future English teacher, I, of course, believe that English, writing and literature, should be taught to students. I have loved English
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Education is not about just planting information in the students’ heads, it is about learning through discovery. Therefore, lectures, while useful in some cases, will not be my primary mode of teaching. Class discussions and project-based learning will be the most useful in this case. Weekly discussion leaders will both hold the students accountable for their work but allow students to talk about their understanding of a text or lesson. Students will be encouraged to help one another succeed. An example of this would be students assisting any students at a disadvantage, like disabled students and those academically behind. I believe students should be allowed to enlighten the teacher about what they know instead the roles always being the alternative. I believe understanding is from finding it on one’s own, not it being given out. I strive for my students to find their own understanding of any topic I

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