My Practicum Project Underwent Four Major Phases Essay

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My Practicum project underwent four major phases, as promised in the proposal; Research, curriculum creation, workshop construction, and workshop implementation. Phase one focused on research. This phase consisted of compiling possible resources, theories, and practices which could prove helpful in later phases. This also entailed the gathering of data through a survey to determine what fuels conflict within the community college system and what characterizes those conflict situations. This survey data aided me in creating themes and determining the basic direction for the project. Phase two, the creation of the curriculum, entailed me taking the previous research data and consolidating it into a curriculum. In the process, not all research from phase one was used, but rather only the information which related directly back to my target audience (based on their survey results) and the direction I felt the Practicum needed to go. I began with brainstorming, determining what needed to be incorporated. This involved me creating learning objectives and then creating an outline which would address and meet those objectives. Once this was completed, I expanded on the outline, creating a through curriculum which met both my objective goals and audience goals. This was the most important and difficult phase, as it set how successful the workshop would be. After meeting with a professor, I realized the initial curriculum I had created forgot to take in account my target…

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