My Ppe Helped Me Develop A Better Person Essay

763 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Performing my PPE helped me develop a better understanding of how a medical record is processed from the inception until it is filed in permanent records. I had no previous experience in a hospital setting so I was not sure of exactly how the entire operation is carried out. I have learned much in the classroom setting but after a while, it becomes difficult to truly understand how it all unfolds without seeing it in real time. When I am there, seeing things happen in real-time, it helps me to understand much better than I would if I had never been there. I have always been a visual person, so this helped me in so many ways. Almost every section in the medical records department reminded me of something that I have learned in class in some way. I was able to actively participate in some of the functions, which helped me learn new ways of doing things and what I should focus my attention on in order to get the job done. Each individual employee shared knowledge with me that aided me in grasping why the function they performed was important and how it relates to other functions or how some functions rely on others. Since Loretto Hospital is a hybrid environment that is on its way to becoming fully electronic. I must say that I was very stupefied to find that the facility has not been utilizing scanning for their daily functions. Scanning was one thing I was quite sure they would take advantage of, but shortly before my last few days there, scanning was just being introduced.…

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