My Power Point On My Trip To China

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For a diamond to take its beautiful final form it must be put under high pressure. Although oblivious to the fact at the time, arriving at Johns Hopkins was the first step in the process for me. It was overwhelming to walk up to my dorm knowing that I would be spending two weeks taking on the responsibilities that others regularly take on. Waking up on time by myself would prove to be the hardest, along with handling my money while in Maryland. These concerns weighed heavy on my shoulders.

These doubts were sharpened even more on the first day of class. Everyone was required to dress according to a dress code, usually business casual, which made everyone look even fancier. I was nervous around my peers. On the first day, we had to present
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My power point on my trip to China exemplified one of my best qualities, my tendency to be very open minded to trying new things. After sitting and watching the rest of my classmates present on their …show more content…
The case was an actual hospital case that had been discussed at a medical convention some years before. The story was of a baby boy born with multiple health issues whose only chance of living a longer life was to undergo a life-altering operation which would save his life, but one of the side effects would be for him to live with Down Syndrome. We were split into groups and the group I was in was from all over the world. Every single answer seemed so eloquently delivered and factually sound, so why was it that I did not agree with what they were saying? I shared my opinion on how as a doctor, our job should always be to look out for the patient’s best interest, which in this case was extending the child’s life, so I was pro-operation. It seemed then, with the confused stares and blank expressions, that the group was unanimously against my thoughts. As we sat waiting for the whole class to come back together, my mind went on a trip. I tried hard to see why everyone’s opinion was so different and why mine seemed like it would be the one nobody wanted to listen

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