My Position Of A Career After College Essay example

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Networking Event Assignment When I went through the list of companies I narrowed down my choices based on my personal interest for a full time positions. Some of the companies were not currently looking for full-time positions so I was able to immediately cross them off the list. My main preference for a career after college is to be in a project management role in the construction field. This preference caused me to lean towards talking to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Navy, Messer Construction, and Whittenberg Construction. I was able to get to all of the employers and speak with them for a brief amount of time to discuss the company. I was able to visit more than these four companies, but those were my top targets for the night. I did not make it to companies that primarily do geotechnical and surveying projects because that is not something that I am interested it. My top ranked company was U.S Army Corp of Engineers. The position that is available is a recent graduate position in the Civil Engineering department. The purpose of this position would be to develop for a year under different people and ultimately result in a full time position if there is successful job performance. Some of the job descriptions is to interpret design documents and oversee the proper execution of construction work, make design calculations, and to provide guidance and control over planning. The education required for this position is graduates who have completed, within…

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