My Position For My Seat Essay

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I decided to go for my usual seat in every classroom, all the way in the back, since, from the perspective of a Class A observer, it was the best location to observe people. And stay out of trouble. And doze off during the middle of a boring lecture without the professor noticing. And dozens of other things I can’t think of at the moment. Just know that the back can be your very best friend during the long school year.
From doing a quick scan around the room, I noticed there were roughly twenty of us in attendance, quite unusual for such a big ass classroom. Even stranger was the fact that exactly half of us were male and the other half female. I’m not saying this is the case, but there is a chance we were brought together by design.
Not recognizing any faces out of the group, except for Dorothy and Toto, I put in one of my earbuds, leaving the other out so I can eavesdrop/listen for important information, turned my music on low and laid my head down on the table. Figuring the best thing to do was catch up on some Z’s while waiting for the professor to arrive, I slowly began to count sheep to assist in my attempt to fall asleep.
There’s this rule the college has where if the professor doesn’t show up in the first fifteen minutes after the bell the students have the right to leave without discipline. Hopefully, and I’m praying will all my might, whoever it is doesn’t show up.
My eyes were shut for a good ten minutes before I heard the door burst open. “Sorry I’m a…

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