Essay about My Position As A Finance And Operations Manager

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The foundation of my leadership knowledge was acquired from practical experience in the work force, which I supplemented through my educational pursuits. Prior to my current position as a finance and operations manager I held various positions where I proved myself to be someone that was organized and dedicated to effectively implementing policy and procedures.
My first management position was in 1995 when I was the Finance/Administration manager for a Spanish owned biomedical company based in Lexington, MA. I oversaw a staff of 20 individuals in two departments. When I began I had very little management experience but pulled from past encounters with ineffective managers to decide how I would lead. As I grew in my management role I took part in several management seminars and asked for feedback from people I reported to and that reported to me. Both decisions helped me develop the style of management that worked for me and produced the greatest success.
When I began studying theoretical principles at Newbury College I was already working in a management role. One of my first classes was Principles of Management, which expanded on my theoretical understanding of base level management tools. In the past I also took a class in International Business which was very enlightening since I worked for a Spanish owned company that required a great deal of interaction with the parent company located in Barcelona, Spain. The class helped me understand the many moving parts…

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