My Plant Is A Sunflower Short Story

My plant is a sunflower. Sadly, I don 't have one but I would love to have one. I have seen one in the "wild". I don 't think that it would be conisdered as wild though but I have seen one outside of my city, in Baguio City in the Philippines, to be exact.
In a hidden town, hundreds of years before, there were two people who loved each other and remained loyal to each other no matter what. The girl 's name is Noronia, and she is the daughter of a sultan. Her lover 's name is Gamaluddin, just any other commoner. Because of the difference in their status in life, the sultan banned them from seeing each other. The sultan 's command must be obeyed or they will both be killed.
One day, Noronia escaped from her father 's thorough guards. She met
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I will come to you through it 's fiery kiss." Galamuddin promised Noronia that he will do what she wants.
In the palace, the sultan was informed of the lovers ' meeting and he was furious. That was enough reason for him to throw Galamuddin to a far away island on the other side of the sea.
Noronia was sadddened and so she was confined to bed. She became weak, miserable, and often laden with
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When she was only 1 feet away from Galamuddin, she collapsed at his feet and hugged him from behind. And then she let go. The moment after letting go of Galamuddin, she also let go of life.
In the twinkling of an eye, a hurricane came upon the island. Galamuddin didn 't know what to do. He wanted to save Noronia 's dead body and bury it but the water flooding the island wouldn 't let him. With the help of a piece of driftwood, Galamuddin saved himself. Days passed. Once the storm has stopped, he realized that he was carried by the waves to the island where he lived before he was exiled.
An old fisherman came and rescued him and took care of him until he regained his strength and could walk again. Despite his situation, Galamuddin couldn 't think of anything except his dead love.
One day, Galamuddin went to the mountain Noronia said he should go to once she 's gone so that she may be able to come back to him. Such was the grief of the young man when he thought about the memories he shared with his beloved under the waterfall. He knelt as if a sign of

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