Essay My Plan For My Goals

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In this paper I will be covering my plan for the next five years and describing what I’m going to do with what I’ve got. I will begin by explaining which values are internally and persistently most important to me as well as describing them in depth. After reviewing my values, I will describe the moral codes and rules that have been introduced to me through my culture and which I try to abide by in order to improve the quality of my personality. Then I will vividly describe what I imagine my life to be like after I have accomplished all my goals. Subsequently, I will describe what are my goals that I must achieve in order to accomplish my vision of what my life will be like and I will also describe the plans I have constructed in order to achieve those goals. This writing should clearly describe the values that are important to me along with future goals I intend to pursue, how I plan to achieve those goals, and whom I envision myself as once those goals are accomplished. All persons hold several values that are important to them and all persons try to include their value systems in their lives in order to get the most enjoyable experience out of their lives. The values that are most important to me in order from most important the least important are: success, love, family, fun, and serenity. Each value is uniquely important to me and in accumulation, these values together form the entirety of what brings joy to me out of life and I try to pertain them within me and…

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