Essay on My Phone Is Not A Steering Wheel

1622 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
Your Phone is Not a Steering Wheel In America, many citizens die in car accidents due to drivers being distracted easily. Is a text, call, or notification more important than someone’s life? Drivers who drive with distractions have accounted for almost six thousand deaths and over half a million injuries a year (“Cell phone & Texting Accident Statistics”). However, these incidents could have been prevented if those who had known it was dangerous would have discontinued their reckless practice. Presently, cell phones have much greater capabilities and are the cause of most driving accidents (“Texting While Driving Statistics”). Many drivers find it difficult to ignore their phone going off and often reach for it to read the notification. In a study done by the University of Michigan Transport Research Institute it was found that driving while using a cell phone causes drivers to spend ten percent of the time outside their own lane (“Cell phone & Texting Accident Statistics”). These startling statistics show how hard it is to text while practicing safe driving habits. When drivers are not in their lane, they pose a threat to others on or near the roadway. It is well known that texting while driving is dangerous, but there are still nine states who have not outlawed this hazardous practice. Furthermore, only twelve states have a law against using hand-held cell phones while operating a motor vehicle (“Texting and Driving Deadly for Teens”). Many states allow for their drivers…

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