My Philosophy Teacher On My Campus Teaching A Lesson On The Constitution Round Robin

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I observed another U.S. History teacher on my campus teaching a lesson on the Constitution, the lesson was called the Articles of the Constitution round robin. This lesson was targeted to eighth grade students so they could become experts on different Articles within the Constitution in order to teach them to fellow classmates. The objectives associated with the lesson are examining primary sources, explaining how our government works and knowing the different parts of our government system. The goal is for our students to be able to perform the objectives listed above. The lesson lasted for two days and was followed by a game that assessed what they had learned.
While I was observing I noticed several motivational strategies going on during the lesson. First, I noticed the teacher was constantly moving around the classroom reading and listening to what the groups were talking about, he would then try to get the students to question what they were reading which got them motivated to find new information that would help the classmates. Second, there were different rewards involved during the lesson, none of the rewards were tangible. The first reward was getting to work in peer groups, this motivated the students socially, and they wanted to sound or act knowledgeable in their groups. The second reward was getting praise from the teacher, he would move around the room and comment about the effort the groups were putting forward to complete their task and learn more. The…

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