My Philosophy Statement: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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I believe that education is a life-long process, which starts at birth and ends at death. I believe that all students should have access to a competent education, which builds students to become competent, productive members of society. I believe that exceptional kids, particularly those with disabilities have a lot of resources available to them, yet not many students of this population are not receiving the adequate education to make them productive members of society. According to Dr. Rudy Crew (2007), “ The four qualities of a mature and conscious contributor to society are personal integrity, workplace literacy, civic awareness and academic proficiency. (Pg.33)”In the past I have worked in various capacities from camp counselor, after-school program director, substitute teacher, juvenile hall correctional officer to behavior analyst with students grades …show more content…
From these different experiences and my experiences as a student I have began to form my educational philosophy. Of the four categorical classifications of educational philosophy, I feel my philosophy aligns closest to the progressivism approach. Upon further research I began to realize that my philosophy is actually a combination of Rudolf Steiner and his Waldorf Philosophy, John Dewey’s philosophy as stated in his 1938 work of Experience and Education

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