My Philosophy On Global Relationships And Cultural Acceptance

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As a youngster, I had a dream of adopting one child from every country and raising them in a mansion with each room decorated to reflect their respective cultures. Although logistically unattainable, this dream says a lot about my philosophy on global relationships and cultural acceptance. While I no longer strive towards this specific dream, the intention is still a very big part of my life. In order for humans to coincide on this planet, which is obviously a necessary prerequisite for life, we must set aside our egotistic tendencies and learn to view the world from viewpoints that differ from our own. Therefore, what I care about most in this world is tolerance towards others, regardless of contrasting beliefs. Exposure to other cultures gives us a gateway through which we are able to enrich our personal lives, lessen global conflict, and create a more inclusive future for the next generation.
The world is a big place and I intend to take advantage of that. Within the next year I plan to do a service trip in Texas, a summer counsellorship in Europe, and a study abroad program in Rwanda. My weekends are filled with trainings and paperwork, but I foresee the rewards of participating far overshadowing this lost leisure time. By seeing the world piece-by-piece, I will be gathering experiences that go far beyond what can be taught in a classroom setting. From line dancing in Houston to visiting genocide memorials in Rwanda, I intend to fully immerse myself in the community. In…

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