Reflective Essay On Pursuing A Career In Primary Teaching

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Seeing a difference one teacher can make to a child was enough to inspire me to pursue a career in primary teaching.. During this time there was one teacher in particular which made such a difference to the inclusion of my son and encouraged him to engage in his learning again that I felt inspired to pursue a career in primary teaching. Helping children become individuals with a love of learning and to see the progression of a children when they are taught by a teacher willing to support them is some of the qualities I saw in this teacher that I aim to include within my own practice. Spending the time in school has only reinforced my love of working with children and supported my interest in education. Having completed a three year BA hons …show more content…
The skills that I have developed in this career I believe can be successfully transferred and used effectively in a teaching career. Through my nursing training I believe I have developed a caring, hardworking and positive attitude towards my work which enabled me to cope with the pressures of a very demanding job. Within this profession you need to work well as a team as well as liaising with other health professionals based on individual cases. The job is also very emotionally and physically demanding and you need to be very resilient, have good communication skills to engage with visitors and patients and have the ability to deal with highly emotional situations. All these are traits which I believe will put myself in good stead to become and outstanding …show more content…
The schools I have been on placement both have strong links with the communities they provide for and I have been lucky enough to work with parent helpers as well as being given the opportunity to teach my Year 2 class and their parents on a science morning. Having planned lots of investigation the parents and children all enjoyed the experience. Parents like to be in involved in their children’s learning and to help within class or on trips. I feel as a teacher this is often something that is underutilised and feel that having parents that are involved only encourage the children to see their learning positively. I aim to give children as many positive experiences and opportunities to personalise their own learning. All of these positive areas and the encouragement at home can help children to become happy learners who are engaged and motivated. I feel my early years’ experience helps me to plan some creative and engaging lessons that cover cross curricular links that help the children to be creative and promote their love of the subjects.
Having explored assessment for learning as an assignment in my PGCE year I have effectively been able to put this into practice. Having used self-assessment, peer assessment, oral feedback and questioning with my lessons I have been able to differentiate which is most appropriate to use at any given time and able to adapt

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