Essay about My Philosophy Of My Life

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The moment I saw those two terrifying words, I knew my agony would begin. Poetry Analysis. My professor handed me instructions for a brand new analytical essay assignment that was meant to be completed within a week. According to my professor’s syllabus, the assignment was predictable. I knew one day this essay would be a challenge for me to face with. I despised reading poems throughout my high school years. Yet, was it a possibility for me to actually adore reading poems? On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, I decided to wake up later than usual. My friendly, vociferous cat usually awakens me early as possible to feed chunks of tuna, canned breakfast to Frescolita and her feline, stray cats. I knew I needed to complete my daily house chores along with my dreadful writing assignment. For some reason, I was afraid to analyze and conclude what I presumed of the poem’s interpretation. What if my interpretation was incorrect? What if I never comprehend the poem? What if my professor dislikes my diction and explanation? I continued to overthink of what poem I should use, as I ate my toasted sandwich recklessly. I took a deep breath and said to myself, “Focus, Dary, focus.” I sat on my comfortable queen size bed and glared at my Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature textbook with irritation. I flipped through the pages rapidly, wishing I was able to finish instantly. There were a couple poems that were concise, but the poems were unexplained. Other poems seemed…

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