My Philosophy Of Education Is Encouragement Essay examples

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For my philosophy of education I included the quote from Anatole France, a French novelist and Nobel Prize winner in writing where he declared “nine-tenths of education is encouragement.” Encouragement is, and will continue to be, the central theme in teaching approach. To summarize my philosophy of education it boils down to three things: 1) creating a positive learning environment, 2) create lessons plans that incorporate active learning, and 3) be open to learning from the students. Our textbook states “The attitude behind what you do is more important than what you do (Nelsen, et al, 2001).” The creation of a positive learning environment is where it all begins. Without the stage initially set into place the story cannot unfold in the same way that we had expected. By staging a classroom with positive affirmations and lesson plans that foster an eagerness to learn will in most cases generate an educational experience of success and hope. Secondly, lesson plans must foster active learning. Academic lessons must be current, interactive for everyone, and set up for success. I personally believe we learn more from others than we do from a textbook. It is crucial that practical dialogue continues to flow in and out of a classroom. Lastly, the roles of teacher and student are interchangeable. As active learners we must be open to multiple opportunities for expanding upon our knowledge. It is the wisdom in recognizing we do not know it all. Our students with their…

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