My Philosophy Of Education Is A Lifelong Process Essay

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My Philosophy of Education I believe that education is a lifelong process. All children deserve high-quality education. It is during the early years that the foundation for academic success is laid. Learning involves every sense of the child, all domains in which children learn and function, and all surrounding aspects. Because of this it is my goal to provide a learning environment that will stimulate and enrich each one of my students and lay the foundation for academic success. I will focus on the child as a whole to help my children develop advanced learning skills. As an early childhood teacher, it is my job to promote not only the cognitive development of my students but the physical, social, and emotional development as well. It is my job as the teacher to ignite a passion in my students to learn. Teachers are everyone that a child comes in contact with. A child’s parents are their first teachers. This is a major reason that parents and teachers must work together. Working together with parents allows information to be exchanged and focus on meeting each child’s needs and supporting their development. A personal believe of mine is that it takes a village to raise a child. As a teacher, I accept being a part of the village. I will form a positive partnership will parents so that my students will have a positive experience. In my classroom it will be an open door policy and encourage parent participation so that my student’s parents will be able to observe their…

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