My Philosophy Of Education : Education Essay

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My Philosophy of Education

Education is critical in individuals ages 1-100 as it helps shape the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. It is a large factor in success, and is a stepping stone for many individuals who seek higher education, more responsibility in the work force, and to obtain better quality of life. Education keeps people informed about the newest forms of technology and best practices for any field imaginable. It helps individuals obtain meaningful jobs in their field of choice with the ability to live comfortable lives because of not only their work ethic, but because of the education received to give them the ability to prove their knowledge.

Those without proper education due to whatever circumstances, struggle to meet and exceed employer expectations. They also may struggle to receive well deserved promotions that a person newly out of college could receive in a year or two, even if they have seniority over their counterpart. Education is the future, it holds the secrets to potential cure for cancer, the next generation of doctors, lawyers, and teachers, and is the key to progress in many goals people set for themselves.

My philosophy of education is that every child, no matter where they reside or what their socioeconomic status is, has the fundamental right to receive a technology rich, formal education in a safe, clean, and supported environment. They should also be afforded the opportunity to learn life skills and explore…

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