Diversity In Education

An educator’s role is a complex one. An educator’s role is to provide future generations with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist them on their journeys toward adulthood. In today’s society, the demographics are rapidly changing. Children and families are coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. To assist the demand for culturally competent educators, many educational programs have been implemented to accommodate the diversity. The teaching profession requires continuous education for educators because the educational requirements, demographic of students, and subject matter being taught are constantly changing. A teacher’s responsibilities extend further than the classroom perimeter. They act as advocates and mentors …show more content…
Families in the U.S. today are much more different than they were sixty years ago. Now they include single-parent families, skipped generation families, LGBTQ families, and families with adopted children, to name a few. Educators must respect the diversity of those families within the school and provide those to students equal learning opportunities. Religion can be difficult in the school environment. The expansion in religious beliefs has made it a sensitive topic that must be discussed in a way that educates without offending anyone. More Hispanic families have migrated to the United States. This causes a language barrier between Spanish-speaking families and schools. Educational English language learning programs have been put into the schools to help Spanish-speaking students learn English in addition to the curriculum. Students with disabilities also make-up a big portion of schools and education. Many people, including teachers often stereotype students with disabilities and deem them incompetent of learning as a student without disabilities. Special education services are provided in schools to accommodate those disabilities. However, we as educators should help students with disabilities access their full academic potential and skills to help prepare them for college and employment.

Every child is different in some shape or form. To ensure equity
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The assignments within this course has taught me how work in with children ranging from birth to adolescents. I constructed my own educational philosophy on using my beliefs on what I think education is, how I think it should be instructed, and how the classroom should be set to ensure quality learning. In this course, I also discovered the types of curriculums used in early childhood programs that build on the strengths and interests of the child.
Do I feel prepared to handle the challenges ahead? No, but I’m getting there. Overall, I need more field experience in the classroom setting. I need to see how experienced teachers respond to the need of their students. I need to see how often they are faced with challenges and how they handle them. I want to know their personal opinions on the role of a teacher. Aside from the courses and education, I myself need to believe that I can handle being a teacher with all the responsibilities that come along with it. Teachers are very important because they prepare youth for the future. This is the main reason why I want to be an

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