My Philosophy Of Education And Learning Essay

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My Philosophy of Education and Learning My evolving philosophy of education is self control, independence, and awareness. An education that will allow me to gain cultural capital by understanding other cultures and other’s perspectives. Education is freedom an opportunity for growth and defining who I am a person. As a teacher, I hope to create cultural awareness; activate students learning through their learning styles and strengths. Also, create a learning environment that is positive and empowering. It is critical to create real world connections in the classroom to help students understand themselves and passively interact with the world around them. My philosophy as a teacher is to become a facilitator and guide a learning process not only to increase motivation, but also enhance critical thinking. Critical thinking that will allow students to become intellectual, but also humane and well rounded individuals. I believe in structure, routines, and change by having an open mind and willing to accept others opinions or perspectives. Therefore, my philosophy of education and learning is to help students become aware, to guide students towards continuous learning, and to teach them respect for others.
First of all, I consider it important as a teacher to understand that every student is different and every student has an input. Therefore, I totally believe in the multiple intelligence theory, which “proposes the idea that we all have various levels…

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