Essay about My Philosophy Of Education And Its Leadership

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My philosophy of education, and its leadership
The true purpose of educating is to create a world of intelligence, and turn out students that will create and take the world further in advancing medical, teaching, science, and the understanding of the human mind. Without education or educators, the world would not be advanced as we are, none of the electronics we depend on, no doctors or medical advances, no technologies. Education should attempt to put students on the same level of learning, and intelligence; I know there are different intelligence levels, and attitudes about learning so not everyone will be on the same level of learning, but educators must act as if they are so all students have the same opportunities in learning. Students have different ways of learning, this is pointed out by Honey and Mumford (1992). Honey and Mumford describe learning styles as Activists; Reflectors; Theorists; Pragmatists (UCL, N/A). Activist learn from experiencing new things. Reflector learners do best when they can observe someone do something. Theorist learn by having clear detailed instructions, and by questioning. A pragmatists are better at learning by doing, but done in a practical way (UCL, N/A). It’s my philosophy that it is are job as educators to tap into those different types of leaning to have a curriculum that will fit all students.
Before I started working, and studying education my thought was that education was just something you had to do. Higher education was just…

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