Essay about My Philosophy Of Early Childhood

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Personal Philosophy
I believe that all children are unique and bring their own knowledge and experiences to any educational environment. I believe the early childhood environment is a place for children to be free agents to; develop, learn, grow and express themselves, while having the confidence and respect they as a person are entitled to. Furthermore I also belie that all children have the right to learn and their learning be abundant with experiences, knowledge and quality, as well as feeling a sense of belonging to their community and learning environment. These beliefs are important to my teaching and my philosophy of early childhood eduction.

The learning environment
As an educator the learning environment I create within the early childhood setting is an important part of any child’s learning. Creating a place for children to feel confident and belong is an very important part of what I believe as a teacher. For myself as an educator to create this environment for children to feel safe and confident in their learning I would draw ideas and practices from a sociocultural theory approach. Seeing children as social beings who contributed to their own learning as well as contributed to the learning of their peers (REF). By allowing children to use and extend on their experiences within the setting as well as outside the setting is important to making them feel as if they belong. How I as educator will use these children experiences to extend their own knowledge as well…

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