Essay about My Philosophy Of A School Leader

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As I am about to complete my 10th year in education and continually take stock of my impact on the learning of children I begin to look at more closely my leadership beliefs. I have had a rich and varied series of experiences. Through these experience I noticed that I am a strong believer in the potential of an academically rigorous, values based education. My belief in the importance of creating an instructional experience that spirals and builds from one grade to the next, one level to the next. I believe that a school leader is a major part of the development of a seamless instructional vision spanning from a youngster’s early childhood experience to the completion of eighth grade. As school leaders of a school see their main role is primarily being to serve as an instructional leader. My own journey has informed my thinking in many vital ways pertaining, specifically in reference to instruction, the importance of coming together to examine student performance, student work and student engagement. Key to effective instruction is a shared instructional vision between school leaders and faculty. It is important to be able to identify what constitutes good teaching, that is, what good teaching “looks like,” in order to grow that capacity in faculty and to engender in them a need to constantly look at their practice as a learning opportunity and their classrooms as the fertile opportunity to practice their newly discovered potential. Thus, the goal is to maximize…

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