My Philosophy Of A Career Goal Is A Solid Academic Base For A Future Career

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The more economic news and blogs I read, the more questions I have in my head. With the wish to discover answers to these questions, I love “challenging” my Economics professors with all the “what if?” questions about recent world events I read online. My passion to know how governments make decisions have made me realized that my career goal is to be involved in these policy decisions but my current knowledge is not ready for it. UofT’s Department of Economics is known to be one of the bests in the world with reputable faculty members and abundant resources for academic research. As a result, I believe that UofT can further my understanding of the real world economy and provide a solid academic base for a future career in shaping economic policy.

Back when I finished my high school, a career goal seemed to be very far and unclear for me. Growing up in Hong Kong, the city of money, all my friends applied for commerce or business degrees hoping to make a fortune so did I. With the eager to get better education and supports from my family, I decided to travel 16-hours flight to start my undergraduate here at the University of Toronto. During my first year in the commerce program, I started questioning myself what I wanted to be after graduation. With the will of learning and exploring, I enrolled in a variety of courses to see what can be my potential future career. Recalling the first economics class in my undergraduate, Professor L. Bailey started it with demand and supply…

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