Essay on My Philosophy : Learning By Creating A Safe And Healthy

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NaaBorle Sackeyfio
My Philosophy

Teachers are here to facilitate learning by creating a safe and healthy, nonjudgmental, enriching classroom that encourages positive cognitive, physical and social-emotional development. The basis of my philosophy is derived from Piaget’s constructivism, Waldorf education, emotional responsive approach and best practices in child care. Children learn best in environments that are designed for exploration, creativity, openness and self-expression. The balance in child development stems from the parents/teacher/ child relationship. A positive relationship is the building block for self-development as the child get older. It helps them build trust and confidence in their formative years. It can also affect their openness to learning.
Children come with their own genius. Children should be able to direct most of their own learning as the teacher facilitates the opportunities for enriching experiences. The class environment should be one that allows children to explore a wide range of open ended materials. This comes from Piaget’s constructivism theory which states “constructivism describes a way of learning in which the children engage with the environment and build his or her own knowledge and understanding”. Vital to this idea is the teacher-child relationship as well as how it plays out in the classroom environment.
I believe teachers should be observant (formal and informal) proactive, attentive, appropriate, retrospective and…

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