My Philosophy Is The Fundamental Study Of Nature, Values, Logic, And Mind

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Philosophy is the fundamental study of nature of reality, knowledge, values, logic, and mind. When people normally think of the word “philosophy”, they normally think of the old question: Is the glass half empty or half full? It sounds silly, but that question does relate to our everyday lives. We try to think things through. We question ourselves. We try to make sense of our day-to-day life. We use knowledge and our own concept of logic to make connections. Connecting is one of the strongest things humans can do. We try to relate or understand each other at least at some degree. That is what brings me to teachers. Teachers have to connect with their students every single day. They also have to connect the curriculum with their students so their students understand what they need to know. Preparing students while promoting education through the best way a teacher knows and/or sees fit is called an educational philosophy. Teachers vary with their educational philosophies. My teaching philosophy is progressivism. Progressivism views the world as ever changing, and encourages students to learn through creating questions and solving problems. The teacher is there to be more of the guide through the students’ journey through their experiments and discoveries, letting them create their own experiences by giving them the correct tools to use. While students are creating their own experiences, teachers and teachers-to-be have also had their own experiences. I always think of my…

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