My Philosophy: Horace Mann's Role In Education

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My mother always told me “the only thing you have that no one can take away from you is your education.” As a student, I was taught about vocation as well, which is one’s higher purpose in life. In my own words, college is just the epicenter of the big “grind” of life. The decision to be a teacher in 2016 comes from my belief and desire to impact lives in the best way possible; to use methods unconventional, yet very effective to a child’s attention span that I once had. It is my goal to become the teacher that the children won’t say I hate school or never looking forward to the next day of class. As I absorb all the knowledge given to me at the college level, I will slowly mold myself into the best teacher I can be.
In the field of teaching,
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In the eyes of education, we live in a classless society where anyone child can attain an education if the child is willing to learn. This means that whether a student is poor or rich, white or black, Christian or Muslim, Asian or Latino, gay or straight- every student can have an equal opportunity to an education. Once an education prospect accepts education, the theory of
Consensus goes into play. Horace Mann’s theory of Consensus falls on the basis that in education one can agree to disagree. This trait is what liberates man and give one complete independence in society. The final theory is Opportunity, the foundation to America’s public education. Horace Mann was a man who believed in free opportunistic and universal education for all. In the early ages of America, the opportunity of an education was given to upper-class

citizens. The theory of opportunity states the immense importance of universal education for all and that no child is left behind without an education (nothing to do with the Congressional Bill).
Horace Mann’s theories hold true to a successful and fair educational system. Mann’s
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In 2016, there is a nationwide debate on education and the use of common core in schools and how the new curriculum can be implemented. This is also no the first time education was thrown in the political arena, with the historical Supreme Court cases
Brown v. Board of Ed, Edwards v. Aguilar and Lemmon v. Kurtzman. Common core may be the next educational break through this country has seen or its biggest failure. If Horace Mann would be alive today, I believe that he would be in favor of common core on the basis that it is creating equal education throughout the entire nation. I also believe that Horace Mann would be disappointed with the introduction of common core- putting students like me and teachers alike into an educational whirlwind of stress and confusion.
In Conclusion, Horace Mann’s theories should be every school’s main principles of education. His theories are simple in a way that there can be no debate on them, there can be no misinterpretation. As an aspiring student in the study of education I believe that Horace Mann’s theories can be something I can take with me as I take the road less traveled as a man

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